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Landmark Global - the international business unit of bpost, the Belgian postal service - is your ideal partner in e-commerce.

Landmark Global, the international business unit of bpost (Belgian postal service), is a cross-border logistical company with the mindset of a tech start-up.

Through our extensive distribution network of postal and non-postal partners, we guarantee a meticulous last-mile service in more than 220 countries with short transit times at highly competitive tariffs.

As part of the bpost group, we capitalise on the many advantages of a large postal operator. Our extensive delivery network in Belgium ensures that we meet and exceed the expectations of today’s e-shoppers.

Discover our services

International parcel delivery

We share our expertise, infrastructure and operational capabilities with you to manage your parcel shipments. You benefit from full labelling, manifesting, tracking and EDI compliance at a variety of service levels, including both priority and economy delivery.

We deliver all your cross-border shipments right to your customers’ doorstep or a pick-up location of their choice in more than 220 countries. You can reach your current and future customers through our global network.

Individual focus

Your business has unique shipping needs that deserve customized solutions. Exceed your customer’s requirements with our optimized shipping solutions. Your customers can rely on you, just as you can rely on us.

Delivered on time, every time

Running a promotion? Approaching peak season? No problem. When you need it, we’re ready to scale-up. Our lean, flexible infrastructure allows us to meet all your shipping needs. Even in the face of unexpected delays, our technology will reroute your parcels into the hands of your customers.

International mail delivery

Benefit from a proven and affordable solution for everything from high-volume daily mailings to on-demand communications targeted at your customers, subscribers and organization members.

Sensitive and confidential print material

Whether it’s invoices, statements, pay slips, or financial communications, we understand that managing your administrative mail flow in a secure and timely manner is key to the smooth operation of your business. For all your mailing needs – Economy, Priority or Registered – we guarantee reliability, transparency, and secure delivery.

Influential direct mail

Give your direct mail item a local look and feel with our direct posting options to virtually any country in the world. Whether you are a publisher, printer or fulfilment house, we work with you to identify your specific needs and ensure an efficient end-to-end solution.

End-to-end document management

From printing via dispatching to archiving, you benefit from a complete document management solution. Our security guarantee gives you peace of mind.


Returns management

Simple returns lead to satisfied customers and repeat sales. Make returns a highly visible part of your business, while we take away their complexities.

Returns are an essential part of the e-commerce business model. Simplify the process by choosing from a range of return processes we offer based on your required speed of delivery and destination.

Restock, refurbish… you name it

Our teams are extensively trained to perform in-depth quality checks on returned orders. You decide whether you want to restock returns as part of our fulfilment services, prepare and consolidate them for pick-up or have them returned directly to you.


Fulfilment services

Outsourcing fulfilment services gives your business a significant advantage in a complex and dynamic international marketplace. Save your time, money and resources while expanding your global business.

Worldwide inventory management

Inventory management must be designed to meet the demands of the marketplace and support your company’s strategic plan. Manage your worldwide inventory with our agile, web-based technology combined with our experienced teams. We give you transparency and accuracy in every step of the process, from order via fulfilment to delivery.

Value-added services

Our customized fulfilment service exceeds your expectations. We deliver on our commitment to excellence by helping you deliver on time and on budget.


Trade services

From importing and exporting via complicated duty and tax optimization to international trade consulting, gain a team for your cross-border needs. Our experienced, licensed staff and industry-leading customs technologies make us the cross-border experts.

Hassle-free border crossing

Our in-house customs teams ensure your shipments are the first to be processed at the border, decreasing transit times significantly.

They will ensure you are fully compliant with the latest legislation you have to comply with when selling your products in target markets. We handle all paperwork needed to register your products in new markets.

And customer service is our number one priority. Our multilingual, multi-national service teams are available to answer any questions you or your customers may have, in any language and at any time. The quality of our service teams will allow you to shine.

For more information on our solutions, please contact our UK team:

T. : + 44 207 04 21 300.


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